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66 Convertible Issues

I have a ’66 Convertible (C-level, driver-type) in need of some minor repair and possible restoration so I wanted to get your ideas.
First problem is the driver side door handle is broken and the housing/console that holds the electrics has come detached from its mount. John Cashman (the Lincoln guy?) traveled thru Pensacola and worked on this and other issues a few years ago but it’s now become totally detached from the door. I assume the entire piece will need replacement and have emailed the parts dept there to get info as well. Is that something a local shop should handle or is it too unique?
Also, I have ongoing battery/power issues and it even stopped while running once. Trouble shooting by my mechanic appears to narrow to electric window problems drawing the power down over time but he’s really not sure. Never seemed to do this until over the last year. Any other ideas?
Just to add, I don’t drive it that often, mostly on nice weather days and usually 1-2x a month but less now given these problems.
Last question, I’m not looking for show car level but if I really wanted to bring it up to a higher condition, I’m not sure how to go about finding someone, what would you recommend?
I appreciate your input.
Hello Greg –
Welcome to our blog. I understand that John has already spoken to you regarding your armrest issues. Your ongoing electrical power problems should be diagnosed with the use of a correct wiring diagram for your 66. Suspected circuits can then be isolated in a logical sequence in order to “pin down” the faulty component. Popular items in our experience have proven to be…..Faulty battery, alternator, regulator or interior lights remaining on etc.
Your last question can take in as much territory as your personal needs and desires will allow. There are not many limitations as to the amount of time and money that can be spent in restoring an automobile such as a Lincoln Convertible. In your case a good strategy might be to pick out one or two items and bring them up to good operating condition during a period of time. You can then enjoy the vehicle in between these repairs. Or if you reside in a location where the weather is wintery and you wish that the car be left at a repair shop for an extended period of time then you must choose your restoring technician very carefully. He must be acquainted with the luxury aspects of your Lincoln and he must be willing to work with you regarding what your wants and needs are. Please contact us directly at Lincoln Land and ask for Chris or John and we will give you further advice based on your lcation and personal needs are.

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