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65 Slips Out Of Park, Hard To Start

Bill –
I have a 1965 Lincoln Continental all original single owner car with low miles on it. My wives Grandfather bought the car new. The car has sat for years and I am having a problem with something I was hoping you may be able to help me with. Baby Blue keeps slipping out of Park. I have trouble making the connection to even start her as well. Often times when I get the shifter into park it slips out back into reverse. I checked the linkage at the transmission and up at the steering box. It all looks tight and good. The transmission appears to be working perfectly when it drives. I was told by a local mechanic that it was something in the steering column. Do you have any idea what part it might be in the column? It looks like quite a job to pull the column so I am just trying to figure it out before I tear into it.
Greetings Jimmy,
It is nice to hear that you are keeping that nice 65 Lincoln in the family. If all of the linkage appears to be in good working order and in correct adjustment the steering column is indeed the next area to examine. The lower steering column bushing is a very common failure on these vehicles and if worn out should be replaced as soon as possible in the interest of safety. We have heard of many instances from our customers of these cars slipping into reverse while idling and causing damage. I would advise you to contact Chris or George here at Lincoln Land as we have this bushing as well as the upper steering column bearing available. The parts are not too expensive and we will also be able to provide you with disassembly info. if you do not have the necessary Shop Manual. I hope this helps you get started as I would suggest that you consider this repair a priority.

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