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65 Oil Blow By

Hey Bill,
Great Blog!
I have a 430 that’s been totally rebuilt from the ground up by I am still experiencing Blow by, i.e., oil stains on the interior hood.
I thought after such a major overhaul, I’d be OK? What are your thoughts?
Also, Post rebuild, my automatic door locks no longer function? Thoughts?
Thanks a bunch,
Hi Jake –
Sorry to hear that you are having such problems after a complete rebuild. You don’t indicate whether you did the rebuild yourself or if it was done by a professional machine shop. If it was a shop I would certainly review the situation with them and get some assurance from them that they will look after you should the situation turn into needing to reopen the engine etc. Having said that, the good news is that the FORD shop manual describes in detail the workings and repairs of the sealed Positive Crankcase Ventilation system. It also advises that this system was mandatory in some states. Whether or not your engine has this system or not the ventilation set up on yours should be examined and corrected if necessary. Any type of emmission system must be in a correct operating condition in order for the engine to “breath” properly. Only then and after a decent “run in” time should you consider that the rings may not be performing as designed. I sincerely hope that you can get this resolved with an easy fix. If you do not have a copy of the 65 Factory Shop Manual, we would be pleased to arrange for one to be sent to your address. They are a must for maintaining any of our older Lincolns.
As for the power door locks, you indicate that they did not operate immediately after the engine overhaul. For this reason I would think that a vacuum line for that system was left off or misinstalled etc.under the hood . That vacuum system is also shown nicely in the shop manual. We hope that the above will help and we wish you good luck.

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