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2001 Continental Low Tire Pressure Light & Air Bag Light

I own a 2001 Lincoln Continental and the low tire pressure sensor light is on. I took the car to the dealer and bought four new tires and had them check the sensors in the rims but they said they are all working properly and can’t find the problem . I also have the airbag light on and they said (the dealer) it was a wiring harness problem under the drivers seat.they replaced the harness and the problem persists again the dealer can’t find the problem do you have any suggestions.
Dear Teamrider 17 –
These are touchy questions especially the airbag. Both problems are reasonably uncommon enough to say that they are a hands on diagnosis procedure with proper code reading equipment as per the Manual. A FORD dealer should be well equipped for this and I can only suggest that you shop for a different dealer in your location for a second opinion. Both of those problems could be caused by any one of several failed parts and because of these being uncommon repairs at Lincoln Land, we would need to have the car in our shop to be anywhere near accurate. Sorry we can’t be of more help without the vehicle….

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