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2000 Town Car Radio – Compass Issues

Hello Bill,
I have recently purchased a 2000 Lincoln Town Car in good condition.
Recently the radio / compass quit working (radio stopped playing – display goes out for clock and compass). Upon a check of the 5A fuse for the radio, I removed the fuse from the fuse box and checked the fuse – not blown – I re-inserted the fuse and the radio started working.
Later the radio / compass stopped working again – the display for the clock / compass goes away – if I push the fuse box under the dash, the radio / compass will start working – display comes back up again. Also the radio does not lose power because the preset radio stations remain as well as the clock. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
Thanks for your blog and advice,
Hi Steve –
From your statement “If I push the fuse box under the dash the radio/compass will start working” is the key to your problem and the repair in my opinion. If the fuse contacts and the fuse itself are ok the radio fuse wiring in and around the fuse box that “moves” when you push it needs to be very carefully examined. This could be a poorly connected wire or a faulty wire behind the fuse panel that originated at the factory in 2000 and is only now appearing years later. It would not hurt to replace the fuse also in case the fuse is faulty internally. When you have an intermittent connection such as this, it is the same as turning the radio off. The memory in the radio is retained because there is a separate 12v supply at all times to the radio for the station memory and the clock. Again Steve, that point that you push at the fuse box tells me that a bad contact is lurking somewhere at that location. I hope the above helps you find it quickly. I’m intrigued with this problem so please keep us posted on this one.

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