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1997 Town Car Windshield Washer Issues

Hi Bill,
Surfed into your blog site and thought you might have a quick answer for me.
Last Monday I had a new windshield installed on my 97 Town Car. Prior to that date the washer worked more or less. (The switch is hit or miss but it did work if I held my mouth just right!)
It’s been cold and dry this week so I’ve had no need of washing of the windscreen. Today I try and, while I can hear the clicking of the pump, no fluid is sprayed. The nozzles are clear and the reservoir is 3/4 full.
My question is, in order to replace the glass it looks like the shop would have to remove some of the cowling that covers the glass frame. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing the washer system would have had to be dismantled to some degree as well. If they fumbled the job and the hoses are disconnected, I’ll not likely be able to fix it.
Before I charge them with a botched job… beyond not vacuuming the crap that fell all over the dash during the job or the hand prints on the glass when they “finished”… is it possible that they didn’t hook up the washer system as well?
Thanks in advance
Hi Dave –
To answer your question ….yes it is possible that the washer hoses have become disconnected during the w/s replacement. If the rest of the system is working as designed though, washer fluid should then be exiting under the vehicle near any suspected disconnect. I am sure that your glass shop would be happy to look into that area of concern for you when you explain the situation to them. However, your first paragraph strongly indicates a previously existing further problem. If the issue is not merely or only a disconnected hose, the washer circuit will need to be diagnosed further as per the Shop Manual and wiring diagrams. It is really a simple system and you may have a weak failing pump, an intermittent electrical circuit or further hose problems etc. W/S washers are needed in Minnetonka. Good luck to you with a speedy repair.

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