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1995 Continental Running Issues

Bill –
I have a 1995 Lincoln Continental that started running a little bit rough at the beginning then one day just died going down the road at 65 miles an hour. We’ve got it home and have been trying to work on it for a couple of weeks now and we got it to start this morning but as soon as you give it gas it dies. We removed the hose from the fuel tank on the backside of the fuel pump and we turn the key on it did squirt gas out quite a bit then we removed it on the fuel filter side to see if maybe the filter was clogged and it squirted gas out quite a bit. We removed the cap off the fuel valve on the motor area and gas up there when you push the little valve down gas comes out. Please help this frustrated single Mom of 2 Boys.
Hi Lanesia –
Because of the sophisticated engine management electronic controls that your vehicle has, the diagnosis needs to be performed as per the Shop Manual with the proper testing equipment. You may be dollars ahead to have a good local shop at your location look into this for you. Many dollars and much time can be wasted by guessing and replacing parts that are not faulty. This is truly a hands on procedure performed by a technician who is familiar with this electronic equipment. The technician will discuss the cars maintenance history etc. with you before beginning the diagnosis in order to be accurate.
Sincerely –

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