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1991 Transmission update – and another problem

The problem I had with the transmission on my 1991 Lincoln was that it was shot. I found a transmission at a wrecking yard, the used transmission was rebuilt by Ford. I had it put on the car, and it works fantastically.
Now I have to work on the front end air suspension. The car sits higher on the passenger side, than it does on the drivers side and the passenger front tire seems to bottom out when I hit potholes.. Any idea on what I should try with this issue? Thanks for your advise,
Ogden, UT
Hi Lincoln –
Maintaining the nice Lincoln ride and steering is important to most of us Lincoln enthusiasts. If your Lincoln has the 4 wheel air suspension it is computer controlled and requires some advanced suspension knowledge and diagnostic equipment. The first item on your list if you wish to embark on your own repair is to obtain and study the correct FoMoCo shop manual for this vehicle in order to form a plan. These manuals pay for themselves in a short time. Keep in mind also that all of the other suspension and steering items should be inspected at this time as well. Contact us if you would like the correct manual or any parts etc. that we may have for you to complete the repair.

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