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1991 Town Car Engine Noise

Hi Bill –
I have a question about my 1991 Town Car. I have just within the last month begun to hear a tap on the left bank at the rear. I am assuming that I have a lifter problem. The car has 152,000 miles with regular oil changes every 3,000 miles, and I have put in an additive for the lifters over the last several changes.
I’m wondering what my next step should be – can you help there. I don’t want to damage the engine by over looking or postponing work that should be done soon. The engine is a 4.6. By the way, I have picked up for the Mark III a new heater core, a used evaporator, resistor for the blower and an expansion valve for the evaporator from Lincoln Land. I will start to put this back together this Saturday. Thanks for all your help and resources.
Greetings Gregg –
Good to hear that you have the Mark III repairs underway. As for the 91, these engines have proven to be a very good engine but of course they too can develop problems. I have discussed your engine with several people here at Lincoln Land and we all agree that you should visit a trusted engine shop in your area for an experienced opinion based on the actual sound that you are hearing. Some sounds turn out to be easy to repair and others may be indicative of a costly future problem. Abnormal noises are hard to describe to others and therefore I believe that an honest mechanic with an experienced ear at your engine will give you proper guidance. Let us know how this works out for you.

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