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1991 Continental Starting Issues & Reply

I had my ’91 Connie on a trickle charger for the past so many years as I use it so infrequently as a back-up vehicle. I take it for a spin around my neighborhood every 2 weeks or so. I noticed the battery was loosing strength (it would not turnover the engine but the interior light would dimly illuminate). Turns out the battery was new in 12/2005 ! I bought a new battery, installed it, opened the doors and the interior lights were very bright but as soon as I turned the ignition key everything went dark and the starter did not move. I disconnected the battery and re-connected it. Again, plenty of interior lights but as soon as I turned the key: nothing again. I did it a 3rd time and gave up for the evening. I’m baffled. Any suggestions Bill?
Steve –
Your problem sounds like a Classic poor battery connection at or near the battery. Replacing a bad battery with a good new battery cannot cause this if the connections are clean and tight. If you can’t find the bad contact someone will need to check the connections or starter circuit for you. If you believe that you have no problem at your connections etc., the battery could be returned to your supplier for a charge and load test. This is a rare issue but a battery (new or old) must be able to accept, store and deliver power as necessary. A new battery can be faulty.
Thanks Bill –
You first diagnosis was right on.
My positive cable to the battery post connection was not 100% tight.
It appears the positive terminal post on the new battery was a wee bit smaller than the positive terminal post on the old battery.
When I tightened the terminal clamp bolt it bottomed out but did not completely clamp onto the battery terminal post.
I thought if the cable clamp bolt could not be tightened any more then it must be 100% tight, boy was I wrong!
I added a washer, as a spacer, to the cable clamp bolt, tightened the clamp bolt and the car started right up.
I took it on its bi-weekly neighbor jaunt and everything is fine.
Again, thanks ! and Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year !
P. S.: I tossed and turned last night trying to figure out what I did that was wrong, I glad it’s fixed as I do need a good nights sleep.
Steve W.

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