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1988 Town Car Cruise Control Surging

Bill –
I have given this question to 3 forums so far and out of dozens of views, I have gotten zero relies. It can’t be that hard. I am hoping you can help. My 88 TC cruise is drifting then surging about 2 mph up and down. It’s like it goes to the set point, then backs off the throttle then accelerates and overshoots. I have replaced the servo but no change. Hoses look fine, check valve is fine, vac level at 22, no issues with the heater, the cable to the throttle from the servo is as tight as I can make it. The OFF button had started acting like the COAST button during all this, but I don’t know if they are related or not. I don’t think the control module is the culprit since it is trying to maintain speed, but I don’t know where to go from here. Can the steering wheel switches or the clock spring cause this erratic behavior. I can’t logically see ow but since I am writing this, I admit I do not know. Your opinion is appreciated and I do thank you!
Hello Roger –
A new 1986 Cartier Town Car that I purchased in 1986 had the same exact issue of surging. Replacing the servo or anything else under warranty did not correct this condition. Finally I took the servo apart and did a modification that permanently corrected it. Although I would prefer to have the vehicle available here for road testing I would be willing to perform this same modification to yours if you would like to send your servo it to us.

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