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1988 Town Car AC Concerns

Hello Bill –
I have a 1988 Lincoln Town Car with 70K on her. I just moved to Southern California from New York and since the car was new, I never used the A/C. It is cold in New York! But, now I need it. The car is California smog ready and runs great. I get 15 miles City and 22 Hwy. The heater works great.
The A/C has been serviced twice in order to correct the following problem. The A/C System was converted from R12 to R134a and charged at two different times. The A/C blows cold for a minute then continues to blow hot. If I accelerate the car, the air from the vents blows even hotter. Also, when I accelerate the air flow from the vents will diminish. When I let up on the accelerator or run the car at a steady speed the proper air flow returns and will continue to be hot. It can become hotter than using the car’s heater. Help!
Hello Anthony –
Your problem is a common occurrence and has been addressed on the blog several times. When there is a vacuum leak or leaks in the Climate Control system the sensor will begin to default to the heating mode. This will appear when the engine is under a low vacuum condition during acceleration. The leaks are best found with the use of a correct vacuum diagram along with some knowledge of the system. The leaks can develop at any location or component where the vacuum is routed. Another common leak is at the system check valve and vacuum reservoir. Continuing to blow hot when the vacuum returns however may indicate a sensor failure as well but must be diagnosed properly as suggested above. We can help you with any necessary manuals or parts etc. that you may require.

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