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1988 Town Car – No Start Issue

Hello Bill,
I do so hope you can help. Here is my problem…
Drove the above car into the garage. She drove fine. Went to use it the other day and nothing. The battery is good, lights comes on, starter motor engages the flywheel, but the flywheel is stuck (can’t even move it by hand by using a socket/wrench) and the car won’t start. This was done by using the starter relay, bypassing the ignition key. Why won’t she start??? Never had any similar problem. Car has a little over 108K miles and has always ran great…never overheating.
Any assistance would be helpful.
Hi Richard –
What you are describing is an engine that has suddenly seized after it was shut off. An engine that was perfectly fine and running “great” as you say should not do this. It sounds to me that your starter motor is faulty. It may be engaging the starter drive in to the flywheel but the starter motor is incapable of turning. You would need to get the car in to a shop where the engine and the cranking system can be evaluated. The technician there will probably use a long breaker bar and socket to try to crank the engine by hand to determine if it is indeed seized. If not seized he will then test the starting and electrical system. Let us know what you find.

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