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1987 Town Car AC Questions

Hi Bill,
Thanks for all of your good work on this very interesting blog. Thought I would jump in with a question on my 1987 Town Car. While out on its Spring shakedown run I noticed that the climate control system was not working in the “FLOOR” position (no fan operation) even with the engine fully warmed up. The system works perfectly (air temp is fine and fan operation is fine) on all other settings (for example, I can get plenty of hot air to the floor in the “MIX” setting). Any thoughts? Is there something specific I should be looking for?
Many thanks,
Greetings Garry –
Welcome to our blog. Your no “FLOOR” air delivery situation is a common and annoying problem. In 99.9% of the time this is caused by an unplugged or failed CELO (cold engine lock out) or also known as TBL (thermal blower lockout). This unit is located in one of the heater hoses under the hood and its electrical function is to prevent blower operation in the FLOOR position until the engine coolant reaches a predetermined temperature so as to preclude unpleasant cold air delivery until the heater is able to provide heated air as required.
The two heavy wires at this sensor can be jumped together to eliminate the “LOCKOUT” feature which will allow for immediate blower turn on at any engine temperature or the unit can be replaced in order to maintain the full Climate Control function. If you have any further questions or if you would like us to arrange for the new part to be sent to your address please contact us at your convenience. We hope this helps you an thanks for joining our blog.

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