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1986 Town Car Stalling Issues

Hi Bill –
I have been enjoying this addition to the Lincoln Land website!
I have a 1986 Town Car with 81,000 original miles in excellent condition. I live in the California desert and the temperature exceeds 115 in the summer months. After I have driven the car and park it for a short while, such as running errands, when I put the car in reverse, it stalls. It also stalled once while waiting for a long traffic light. I can put it in park and turn off the A/C and I start it up with no problem, then turn on the A/C again. This happens only during hot temperatures. The car just went through a complete service (oil change, radiator, a/c) and they found nothing wrong. All the gauges work properly-the temp gauge is fine. Any idea why the car is stalling?
Thanks –
Greetings Michael –
I986 Town Car,…. a real nice car. I had one also and really liked it. I have read your letter several times and in general can offer the following.
It seems that age and heat are causing one of the under hood engine emission or engine management components to start failing. The under hood controls and sensors on your car work very well and were well respected in their day but after all of this time the system needs some service. Unless your mechanic is familiar with and is working on these on a regular basis and can go directly to the problem, he will need to use a code reader to try and retrieve a problem code from the car’s computer. Otherwise it can be trial and error ordeal. However sometimes even with a code reader an experienced technician can temporarily be led down the wrong path. Before checking the above items it would be a good idea to inspect all of the under hood vacuum lines and electrical connectors for any leaks and or disconnects or for any deviations from the factory installation. All general tune-up items etc. should also be in good shape before trying to diagnose a problem such as you are experiencing. Here’s hoping that the above will help lead you to a real quick fix.
Sincerely –
Bill and the Lincoln Land crew

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