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1985 Town Car Stalling Issues

Bill –
I have an 85 Lincoln Town Car that stalls after it has been running, usually at a light or when I come to a stop. It will start back up, but it is just a matter of time and it stalls again. I have been told it is because of a recurring problem with the TBI. Please help if you can. I have taken this vehicle to a Lincoln dealer here in Troy, Michigan….spent quite a bit of money and it still occurs.
Question #2……I need a A/C Vacuum Emissions Canister…looks like a juice or coffee can….A/C stops blowing when car is accelerating on the street or freeway……
Hello Jerry –
Your 1985 Town Car is an early fuel injected vehicle with a sophisticated (for its time) electronic engine management system known as Central Fuel Injection. It must be diagnosed correctly as per the correct shop manual by someone willing and knowledgeable with these controls. You haven’t mentioned exactly what has been tested or replaced on the car so far to correct the issue so I really couldn’t hazard a guess at this point. It does however sound like an intermittent fuel or ignition problem from the information that you have provided. Unfortunately parts for these engine management controls are becoming harder to locate. I would suggest that you go on line with the ” Lincolns on Line” forum and locate the section dedicated to your car. There is a good chance that you will find good information and someone close to your location who knows a mechanic in the Troy area who can diagnose your issue and save you from further aggravation. We do have access to some limited CFI parts for this car. We certainly should be able to supply you with the vacuum tank that you require. Call us and ask for George, Patti, Denise or John and they will give you the details and price etc. on this canister. Mention that you had posed this question on the Blog.

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