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1985 Town Car Autolamp Update – Interior Trim Questions

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your response. The head lights do come on manually. I have a manual, however it was unclear to me as to the to the next step to getting the autolamp to work.
Another question I have on my 85 Town Car is the common problem of the interior door panels. Two of the door panels are just starting to crack due to age not wear. They make door overlays and the local upholstery guy would try to fix it. Please let me know what is your opinion on repairs for interior door panels.
Hi Scott –
If you have the FoMoCo shop manual the diagnosis is fairly well stated. Which manual do you have and what steps are unclear to you. We may be able to help with better factory information. Sometimes a trained eye is also needed to clear up certain diagnostic procedures. There is also a possibility that some of your “used” parts may be defective and they may need to be sent in to us for some tests.
We have been successful to a point with certain repairs to many interior trim panels. Would it be possible for you to send us pictures so that we can better assess yours? We also have a limited selection of good used ones that may prove to be a better choice for you.

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