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1985 Town Car Autolamp Problems

Hi Bill,
I have a 1985 Town Car Signature Series with 34,000 original miles.The auto-lamp doesn’t work. I have replaced both relays on the fender well, one for the auto-lamp, and one for the auto hi-beam, and I checked the fuse. I replaced the headlight switch and found a couple photo cells in the junk yard and still it doesn’t work. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
Greetings Scott –
If all of those used parts that you have installed are in good working order, and you have replaced the correct relays and fuse etc., then you should perform the diagnosis as outlined in the Shop Manual.
Do the headlamps operate manually? The Manual suggests as a first step to turn the Autolamp switch to the Off position and to operate the headlamps manually. If they do not operate manually then you would need to check out the simpler manual non Autolamp circuit. If the headlamps operate OK manually, then you need to continue with the Autolamp diagnosis.
We may have the necessary diagnosis information available if you require it. I hope that the above helps you.

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