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1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature – Message Center Fault

Hi Bill,
I’m the very proud and new owner of a great condition 1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature. I recently moved to the USA, with my family, from England (United Kingdom) on a 3 year Military tour and have indulged in what I view as a classic and great piece of US car history. Having read the owners manual over and over again everything on the car apart from the message center works. Can you recommend a good source for the car wiring diagrams or a reputable parts dealer or even provide advice on rectifying the message center fault? The electronic dash simply displays random lights rather than coherent numbers or symbols albeit the fuel gauge display and speedometer work fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Paul,
Welcome to the U.S.A. and congratulations on the Lincoln purchase. The first advice that I will give you is to purchase the correct shop manual for your car. It will pay off big time for you in the future. At Lincoln Land we find that the electronic modules have been the faulty cause of your current issue and we have had success correcting the problem by substituting good units from our parts cars. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any of the parts at the present time. We will in the future therefore I would suggest that you acquire a manual and get acquainted with the electronics section. We would be pleased to send one to your address. Call us at your convenience to make arrangements.

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