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1982 Continental Concerns

Hi Bill,
I was hoping you could offer me some advice!
I recently acquired a 1982 Continental. It was hard starting when cold, however started fine after warm up. I took it in to a mechanic, who rebuilt the carb and reinstalled it, but now it seems to idle high and is running rich, and it still starts hard! Not as bad as before, but still a hard start just the same.
In addition, the tranny now seems to not shift when it should. Did the mechanic miss or overlook and adjustment? Thanks in advance!
Hello Jeannie,
Maintaining a car can sometimes be super frustrating. Have you spoken to your mechanic about the possibility of some further carburetor adjustments or if any transmission controls are not connected under the hood? Since you have only recently acquired your car you probably do not know its maintenance history. For this reason I would also check and replace if necessary the basic tune up items such as spark plugs and wires The proper operation of these parts are important for good starting and running of the engine and for transmission shifting. If these parts are already in good working order, then the diagnosis becomes a hands on procedure and I would strongly recommend a shop manual for this. On your car there are many electronic and vacuum control parts that manage the engine and emission operation and for this reason I cannot suggest to you the failure of any one component. A good well versed technician will have the correct manual and equipment at his side and should be able to correct the problem. If you do need a shop manual set or any further advice etc., please do not hesitate to contact us. In any event please let us know the results.

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