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1979 Town Coupe Issues

Hey Bill,
I just bought a 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe and am happy to say that I have fallen in love with it. Unfortunately I have developed a slight issue that only occurs in the right conditions. When I got it, I drove it an hour back and have since taken it to places close by with no problems! I had to take it deeper in the cities earlier today to go meet up with someone and the speeds were fairly slow most of the way with heavy traffic and a lot of idling. I got to my destination just fine but when I went out to leave it wouldn’t start! So I popped the hood and let the engine cool as it seemed very hot and after 10 minutes it fired back up. I backed out of my spot and put it in drive, and as soon as I hit the gas it quit again, like someone just turned the key off, but it fired back up and I was on my way again. Then getting onto the highway about 5 miles from where I started I got up to 50mph and it almost died when shifting but I caught it fast enough and kept going, and after getting enough air to cool down again it ran fine. So I was wondering what you might think? I was thinking maybe the coil pack or the distributor, maybe the duraspark because I heard that is a common problem when hot. Although it has only done it this one time, I’m worried it may start occurring earlier and I want to jump the gun on it.
Thanks a Bunch!
Sam –
Yes, could be Duraspark, or could be carburetor, or fuel delivery or could be overheating etc. How are the spark plugs and high tension wiring? You have only recently purchased this vehicle and probably have no real detailed knowledge of its maintenance history. A 36 year old car of any brand can develop many unknown and common tune up issues over the years. It appears that on scene diagnosis is in your future by someone who is familiar with the fuel and ignition electronics in your 1979 Town Car. I am sorry that I cannot pinpoint your issue or issues from here without any diagnosis.

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