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1979 Town Car Intermittent Blower Motor

Hi Bill,
Just found your site. I’m tracking down an intermittent blower motor on a 1979 Town Car.
When it does run, it’s only on low & medium, when switched to hi it stops. This doesn’t appear to have true ‘climate control’ there’s no “auto” selection. Would you have a wiring schematic for my car? Any help is appreciated.
Bob Craik
North Central Regional Director
Vintage Thunderbird Club International
Greetings Bob –
You are correct. This era of Town Cars uses an AC-Heat control design known to us as a Semi Automatic type. It consists of several automatic features but the speed of the fan is not automatic and is manually controlled by the operator. Your problem sounds like a relay or a switch issue but of course as you know this must be diagnosed to be sure.
We have the complete set of manuals available which would include the wiring diagrams, as well as repair parts for your Lincoln. If you are only interested in the blower motor schematic call our office and ask for George. He will email that diagram to you or if you wish we can arrange to send the manuals or other publications etc. to your address. Let us know what you find wrong with your blower circuit.
P.S. Many years of T-Birds (68-74) share the Automatic Climate Control systems with our Mark III and IV Lincolns. We offer an expert comprehensive rebuilding service for these components.

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