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1979 Town Car Fuel Delivery Issues – New Owner

Hi there Bill!
Back in March I bought myself a beautiful 79 Town Car in turquoise. I am only 3rd owner and am only going to be the second registered owner of the car! When I bought her she only had 100,712km on her (62579miles). The car only had 1 vaccume leak on the wipers and other then that all of the vaccume lines are fine and work perfectly. All of my power features work including my original cartier clock. My car also came with the old CAA maple leaf badge on my grill. When I bought the car she would run. Up until recently before I replaced the fuel pump she stopped turning over so we put some gas down the carb and she fired over. But since I’ve replaced the pump there is no gas dropping into the Carberator. I know it is getting passed the pump because I have replaced the fuel filter and I mistakenly didn’t tighten the clamp all the way and the end of the hose was wet with gasoline, but if i take the filter off and crank the engine then I get nothing out the hose. Im also woundering if the clamp on the rubber hose between the fuel line and the pump isn’t tight enough anymore from a struggle getting it off. All I know is when the fuel filter is on fuel is getting too the filter and past it but not dropping into the Carb, im also not sure if the pump is pulling enough gas and instead is pulling more air from where the rubber hose is on the pump.
Thanks for your question…
Do you have a Factory Shop Manual for the Vehicle? Also – I can not pull up your Lincoln Land Account using your Name or Phone Number, as they were not included with your comments. Your Customer Number should be the Phone Number on your first Receipt for purchases from Lincoln Land without the Area Code – please let me know.
George @ Lincoln Land
Hi there again,
I have not bought a part from Lincoln land for a while, and the part was my fuel pump. I no longer have the receipt but the name on the order should have been ***-**** and David ************. The issue that I am having is very strange. When I pump the accelerater I get no gas dropping into the Carberator, and when I crank the engine no sign of fuel even getting to the carb. I changed the carbs fuel filter in hopes it would be the issue but after replacing it still nothing. I cranked the engine a few times with the new filter on and realised I did not tighten the receiving end enough and did see gas leaking from the very end of the hose(because it wasent clamped tight enough) and the fuel filter also smells a lot like gas (only since I have cranked the engine) the end of the filter tip was also wet with gasoline. An issue I think it could be is an air leak at my pump due too the old clamp on the rubber hose is not very tight, i am able to pull the hose off without loosing the clip first. That hose, if i stick the end of my finger in or a peice of cloth also has a very small amount of gas (sometimes) ive followed my line all the way back and don’t see any leaks. I also see no holes or leaks in the rubber hose connecting the tank too the line. However the metal hose the rubber one is attached too on the tank is rather rusted out and im woundering could it also just be my fuel sending unit at the tank?
Hello David –
If you suspect an issue with any rubber fuel hoses, they and their clamps should be renewed with fresh ones. Next, the inside of the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump could be tested for a blockage of some sort. Your last sentence in your second email mentions a lot of rust on the metal tube at the sending unit fuel outlet and that suggests to me that the sending unit may have a rusted pickup tube inside the tank. The tube in the tank could be perforated or broken in such a way that some air is being ingested into the fuel delivery system by the fuel pump. The sending unit in the tank would need to be removed in order to examine it properly for damaging corrosion etc. I am assuming of course that you have adequate fuel in the tank.
If all of the above was found to be in good order, a fuel pump pressure and volume test should be performed next. You did not answer Georges question when he asked if you have a proper FoMoCo shop manual for your new 79 Town Car. These shop manuals contain information that is very necessary for anyone performing their own maintenance and repairs.

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