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1979 New Owner Issues

Hi Bill,
I have recently come into a 1979 Continental Collectors Edition. When I first got it, it didn’t run but after replacing the fuel pump and carb it ran great. About a week ago I started it and when I took the keys out it never shut off. I replaced the ignition switch and now the accessory relay will click once when trying to start it and nothing will happen. I’ve replaced the starter solenoid and tried the old ignition switch but the same thing happens. Everything else seems to work fine.
Hello Hayden –
One of your problems is that you probably do not have a shop manual and wiring diagram. That leaves you to guess and hope.
Did you do the necessary adjustment to any of the ignition switches that you installed? Did you install new parts or?
We at Lincoln Land would prefer to diagnose the ignition electrical portion as a first step with the use of the proper shop manual and wiring diagram along with the appropriate test equipment. Good luck with the repair.

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