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1979 Mark V Wiper Questions

Bill –
I’m enjoying your blog and have a question for you,,, My 79 Mark V has a wiper problem, I have bought another wiper motor and intermittent switch, is there anything else, like a timer box, that I may need to get the wipers working???
Hello Mike –
We at Lincoln Land are real pleased that you are enjoying the blog. Your intermittent wiper system does indeed include an Electronic Control Module that is located under the dash and is in line with the Wiper Control Switch. Although this module is very well known to cause a problem such as you are describing we don’t ever recommend to just “keep on replacing parts” without making the tests as shown in the Shop Manual. Of course we realize that if you do not have a manual or the necessary equipment etc. this may be the only way for you to proceed at this time. Other problem points to consider are as follows….. a poor ground circuit, an unplugged connector or a bad contact etc. somewhere that is causing the wiper system to receive no power at all.
Having said all of the above Mike, my hunch is that the above module is faulty as you already suspect. We can arrange at any time for one to be sent to your address whenever you are ready and if you need any further advice etc. in this matter please contact us at any time.

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