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1979 Mark V Vibration

Dear Bill,
I have a 79 Mark V which I love, I am a loyal customer of Lincoln Land and I am planning a visit to sunny Clearwater at the end of this month and I can’t wait to visit the showroom. My question is, when I accelerate I feel a vibration through the entire car, it gets worse at higher speeds and completely disappears when I release the accelerator pedal. There is also a “clunk” when putting the car into drive or reverse. I realize the clunk is a symptom of u-joints, can the u-joints also cause the vibration or should I be looking elsewhere?
Thanks for all your wise words over the years, Bill!
Greetings Sal –
We are glad that you are enjoying the blog. You are on the right track to consider “u-joints ” as the cause of your vibration and clunk. A severe drive shaft out of balance and vibration issue can develop from worn u-joints. They should be carefully inspected with the car on a lift and replaced as necessary. Sometimes it is also necessary to re-balance the drive shaft. Another popular item to consider is the age and balance of the tires. Old tires can cause all sorts of vibrations. If your tires are aged, do not overlook the possibility that they may be contributing to some of the vibrations as well.

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