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1979 Mark V Rear View Mirror

Bill –
My rear view mirror has become unglued from the windshield. Any thoughts on how to fix?
Hi Gerry –
If your mirror has become detached from the windshield and is not broken, the first thought that jumps out at me is to reattach it. You can have this done quickly at a local well known automotive glass shop of your choice. They are experienced with this occurrence and should have the latest and best commercial product available for the task. If you wish to do it yourself, many glass adhesive kits are widely available for the job at local auto parts stores such as NAPA, Advance and O’Reilly’s, etc. However, the directions must be followed carefully. We cannot recommend any one brand over the other though or any particular store. A missing mirror makes driving uncomfortable and less safe therefore we wish you a speedy repair.

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