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1979 Mark V Power Antenna Questions

Dear Bill –
Regarding electric antenna. Antenna motor is working OK, but switch only work in “Antenna Up”.
Are there any relay’s between switch and motor? Or any other subject I need to address in order to fix this problem?
Best Regards
Greetings from Florida Amund –
According to the wiring diagram there are no relays used in the power antenna circuit. To test the switch and the antenna Down Circuit you can use a 12v test light. With the key in the run position and the ant. sw. in the dn position power should exit the switch in the dark green wire with a yellow stripe and arrive at the antenna in the same color wire. Inside the antenna the motor is powered to the down rotation and the motor is then case grounded or grounded by a black wire. When you perform the above tests, you should find that you have a bad switch, a faulty or disconnected wire from the switch to the motor or an internal fault with the antenna assembly. If you find a problem with the switch or motor we will easily be able to repair or supply a good used part for you. If your issue proves to be a bad wire to the antenna assembly from the switch you will need to trace the wire to the problem and then perform the repair. Good luck and let us know what you find.

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