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1979 Mark V New Owner Questions….

Hello Bill –
I just purchased a 79 Mark V with 25,000 original miles. The brake lights were on and the brakes looked a little frozen, so I did a complete brake job (front and rear). I was able to turn the rotors. The brakes were original and rotors had never been turned.
The brakes work perfect but the brake light is still on, I replaced all of the brake fluid and bleed the brakes. This car does have the Sure-Track system. How do I know if this is a Sure-Track system issue? I did notice that the 4 Amp fuse was missing so I replaced that. The brake light is still on. Where do I start looking to trace this problem?
Also, under the dash, just below the radio is a female plug with 14 posts. Nothing is plugged into this. What is it? I cannot seem to locate it in the service manual. Is this a plug for some type of an electronic trouble shooting meter?
Everything on the car works properly, including accessories, radio, power sun roof, power seats, power windows, etc.
Thank you
Hi Nick
I assume that you are speaking of the brake warning light on the dash and not the brake lights at the tail lights. The usual problem with the dash warning light remaining on is caused by the switch in the proportioning valve remaining in the unbalanced position. The brakes must be bled as per the MANUAL as shown in the brake section regarding centering the switch action to turn off the light. To prove that this switch is indeed the problem it is located under the brake master cylinder and can be unplugged to see if the light then turns off. If the light turns off when it is unplugged, the system will need to be bled as described above or the switch is frozen in position and will need to be unfrozen or replaced. After you investigate this issue further, if you need more advice please contact us directly.
We are not sure what your 14 pin electrical connection is or if it is a factory connection but it could be a part of a factory Citizen Band Radio option. The cars of that vintage did not have a diagnostic plug under the dash. If you can send us a photo we could probably identify it positively.

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