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1979 Mark V Instrument Panel Lights, Door Chime Questions

Hi Bill,
Dumb question but are ***all*** the lamps on the idiot panel suppose to light up when the key is turned to “on?” (All of mine don’t come on, only about four of them.)
I have a picture of the idiot panel. (1979 Bill Blass Mark V.)
All the bulbs are new and I don’t see any burnt/black marks on the backside of the panel.
Also, I have that nice, melodic sounding seat belt warning chime. Even though I’ve taken it a part and rebuilt it/cleaned it up, and the wires appear to be grounded and not torn anywhere (because I have the inside gutted and carpet pulled), it doesn’t chime and that makes me sad.
Do you have any suggestions regarding the chime and do you know if all of the bulbs should light up when the key is first turned to “on.”
Thanks a million,
Greetings Paul –
Some of these warning lights can be confusing at times because there are so many of them that can light up at various times. Fortunately FoMoCo has included a full explanation of their operation in your owners manual on pages 10 through to 12. These little manuals are handy for owners to read up and learn the operation and function of the many features of their car.
The seat belt warning chime feature has several other electric components included in that circuit in addition to the chime module that you have apparently “rebuilt”. When you rebuilt that chime unit, you must have bench checked it and verified that it was then operable as part of the repair. At Lincoln Land we are able to substitute good known units that we have on hand to test them first. If the chime then operates as designed with the replaced part, the repair is complete. If the original chime module in the vehicle proves o/k however we move to the next step and refer to page 34-30-6 of the 1979 Shop Manual in order to diagnose the remaining components of the circuit according to the diagram. We then replace any units that are diagnosed as faulty in the tests. If you find that you need any of these parts for your repair we should have them available. Do you have a parts account with us at the present time?

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