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1979 Mark V Ignition Module Questions

Looking for some info for my uncle. He has 79 Mark V that has been sitting for years due to needing a new ignition module. He picked one up and installed it but is still having issues. He says that he only gets spark AFTER he releases the key (starter). He recalls this happening in the past, but the car would catch and start. He called me for some ideas and it seems that the info on these cars is pretty limited. Was this a common issue with these vehicles? If not, do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting? Also, are there any manuals available?
Hi Teresa –
I wish that I had a nice niece that could fix my cars. Based on the information from your uncle that the ignition system has spark Only when the key is released and assuming that the correct ignition parts have been installed, the circuit should be carefully tested using the appropriate wiring diagram. This condition is not unheard of but is not a very common problem. The culprit can usually be found in a wiring connector or the ignition switch etc. and for this reason the wire that sends power from the ignition switch to the ignition system in the Start (cranking) position must be tested in a logical sequence until the fault is found.
We do have the proper wiring diagram and or manuals available at Lincoln Land and can arrange for them to be mailed to your address. Ask for George or Chris when ordering as they are aware of your situation. I do hope that the above helps and I commend you on your accurate description of the problem on your uncle’s Mark V.

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