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1979 Mark V Free Play In Steering

Hi Bill,
I bought a 1979 Mark V December 2016.It has an excessive amount steering wheel free play. After I bought new tiers I had the front end aligned. The only worn part was the left tie rod end, and they replaced both sides. Is there a steering box adjustment to adjust the free play? Driving down a straight road is not good because of the free play. I also have a 1957 Ford Sunliner that has an adjustment screw on top of steering box to adjust the free play. Dose my Lincoln have an an adjustment like that? I haven’t been able to find one.You have a great web site.
Thanks for any help,
Greetings Lyle,
You post that the only worn part was a tie rod end and then you state that there is free play in the steering box. Free play in the box can also be caused by worn internal parts. The adjustment on the box will not remove play that is caused by worn bushings etc. within the steering box. In my opinion you will need to visit another front end shop and explain the situation to them. The technician will then inspect your steering box very carefully after a road test and advise you. If you were at our shop at Lincoln Land we would lift your Mark and examine your steering system after road testing. The poor steering is usually caused by the sum of all of the worn parts and looseness. The initial road test by the technician is very important in order to perform correct and complete diagnosis.

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