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1979 Mark Headlight Switch Questions

Hi Bill….
My 79 Mark V has the autolamp system which allows for auto dimming of the headlights from high to low beam and has the delay feature for the lights to stay on after the car has been shut off. My question is do you set the flag dial to the right and left of the headlight switch with the headlights off on the car?? The reason why I ask is when I turned the lights on the other day and tried to move the flag dials they were both real loose..I am not sure if it is broken and I need to replace the whole switch..If I need to replace he switch do you have a replacement and how much are they??
Hi Bill –
Both of those AUTOLAMP adjustment tabs on the headlamp switch can be moved to a new setting at any time with no problems. This operation will be explained in the owners manual as well. You should inspect the switch to find out why these tabs are loose before purchasing a new switch. The fix could possibly be simple and easy to see and repair by yourself. If not we can repair most switch problems for you with the spare parts that we have available or we can special order a new switch if necessary.
Repairing and testing your switch would cost $125.00, and a NEW one (if needed) would be $275.00. After you or your mechanic have checked your switch for a simple fix and find that you need to have it serviced here or a new complete switch ordered please give George a call at our office. In any case, please let us know what you find and good luck with an easy repair.

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