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1979 Lincoln Town Car Vinyl Top Removal

Bill –
I don’t know how you feel about modifying a stock Lincoln. Mine is black with a white top. I’d like to remove my vinyl top and just go with a painted roof. My white top is in good shape and I could just have it painted or dyed black but I’d prefer a vinyless top. I’m wondering what’s under the top. Are the body seams filled or not. Will the window trim for a car with vinyl top mount flush with the roof with the vinyl removed?
Greetings Mike –
Personally I wouldn’t touch a factory vinyl top that is in “good shape”. Generally though the seams are only roughly prepared for the vinyl top cars at the factory but of course there is always is the exception. The rear window mouldings are very likely different I am told but we would probably have the correct ones in stock for you if required. I would recommend that you also consult a local upholstery or body shop as well. Good luck with your project.

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