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1979 Lincoln Continental Sedan Cruise & Greasing Issues

New owner of 1979 Lincoln Continental (4 door). The cruise control works fine except when the brakes are applied the cruise control is only temporarily off, once the brakes are released the car resumes speed to the last speed set. I have to turn off using button on steering wheel. Any ideas for where to look for this problem ?
Second. Had car in for service – The Mercury dealer mechanic could only find 2 grease zerks . (Of course the car is older than the mechanics working there) but I noticed some plugs where I thought grease should be going . After some research I found that earlier Lincolns had plugs to remove and lube but required a special fitting to do so.
My question is are these plugs to be removed to be lubed? if so How MANY plugs are there? What special fitting adapter is needed? Where can I get one?
Is there a lube chart showing all the lube points?
I don’t want to run it dry…
Hi Don –
When the brake pedal is depressed and the brake lights are on the speed control should be released into a coast mode until you engage it again yourself with the steering wheel switch. If the brake light switch is not working and not releasing the speed control, the brake lights may not be operating as well. This is the first thing that you should check. If this is so the brakes will slow the car as you describe until the pedal is released and then pick up speed to where the control was previously set. If however the above is in good order (brake lights working and power is sent out to disengage the speed control when the brake pedal is depressed) you will need to perform the tests as described in the Shop Manual.
I agree with you that if the grease plugs are not removed for lubrication on any of the suspension or steering connectors these parts can run dry. Lubrication information is also shown in the shop manual but we recommend removing these plugs and permanently installing regular grease nipples.

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