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1979 Lincoln Continental Power Issues

Hi Bill,
I bought 1979 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Sedan about two weeks ago. The car drove fine until yesterday, when it totally died on me. It seems like there is no electricity in the car at all, I mean the dash board doesn’t light up, no interior lights – even lighter is out.
The battery is fine; the solenoid off the battery lets the electricity through (checked with voltmeter). By my mechanics suggestion, I changed the ignition switch, with no results. I also am not able to locate a wiring diagram for this car.
Seeing how you are helping people out with all these issues I was wandering if you could give me a suggestion on what to try next.
Thank You
Hi Taras,
Welcome to the Lincoln hobby, and yes we will be pleased to help you.
If you are sure that your battery is fine as you say, you must start at the battery and follow the electrical path to wherever it travels from the battery. Do not try to guess and replace parts without testing first and proving them faulty, this only adds to your frustration and expense.
I don’t have the wiring diagram in front of me at this time for your car but the power path should lead you to the Solenoid from the Battery, and then to a pair of Fusible Links, and then to the Circuit Breakers, Fuses and the Ignition Switch, etc.
Whenever you and your mechanic are ready, call us at Lincoln Land and we can arrange to send to your address any Wiring Diagrams or Manuals that you wish. Problems such as this should not take too long to diagnose, but the proper wiring diagram in this case is definitely is a must for you.
Good luck on the repair –

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