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1979 Continental Coupe Electrical Questions

Hi Bill,
I have a 1979 Lincoln Continental Coupe and when you open the door the interior lights do not come on and the seat latches do not engage. The little round spotlights don’t work at all and the rear seat courtesy lights don’t work when you use the individual switches. The dome and courtesy lights do come on when you use the headlight switch at the full clockwise position and the seat latches open as well. I checked the fuse in position #8 along with power on both sides of the post and there is power. I pulled a door jamb switch and don’t have power there. Is there a relay that operates the jamb switch function or is there somewhere else I should check next?
Hello Bill –
According to the wiring diagram fuse 8 supplies power to many switches for the interior courtesy lights, the illuminated entry module and the glove box light switch. The color of that wire is light green with a yellow tracer (LT GRN/Y). That wire is shown at the door jamb switches and must have power from fuse 8. If you do not have power at this wire at the door jamb switches (as you have indicated) using a 12v test light you will need to trace the above mentioned wire from the source to the jamb switches. Because fuse 8 feeds to many areas as I have mentioned this diagnosing will be difficult without the correct diagram.

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