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1978 Mark V New Owner Window Motor Questions

Hey Bill,
I recently purchased a 78 Continental Mark V, and the driver window (with mini vent) does not budge. The switch is getting power but I do not hear/see any movement from the window or motor. When researching for a new motor, I am unclear about which motor to purchase (7 tooth gear, or 9 tooth gear). Can you advise on which specific motor is needed for the driver side with vent window? Before I disassemble the door, can you provide any insight or advice on what the issue could be (or typical issue with your experience)?
Thank you,
Greetings Ryan –
We would first determine if the motor was trying to operate by observing the courtesy lights while trying the switch. If the light dims with the switch activated the motor could be trying to move the glass but it is bound up. This sometimes happens from lack of use. The use of a good strong battery charger and tapping at the bottom of the door can sometimes start it working again. If not the trim panel will need to be disassembled and the cause determined. With the vent window option the issue could be more difficult and complicated to repair.

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