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1978 Continental Sedan Hard To Start

Bill –
To start my Lincoln, I have to pump the foot feed to get it started. After that it, starts OK. No big problem but would like to start after a pump or two. Thanks for any help.
Hello Raymond –
Any cold engine that requires excessive accelerator pumping in order to start needs to have the carburetor choke inspected first for proper operation. When the engine is cold the choke valve (aka butterfly valve) should be closed tight to provide a rich mixture for starting. Upon starting the valve will open a small preset amount to lean out the fuel mixture and then continue to open slowly to the fully open position as the engine warms up. The choke on a cold engine will operate in this fashion in a cold, hot or warm climate. If the above does not occur you will then need to correct the choke circuit as required as per the shop manual. Of course all other basic engine ignition and fuel items must be in good operating order as well. I hope the above leads you or your mechanic to a speedy repair.

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