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1978 Continental New Owner Question – Autolamp System

Hi Bill,
I purchased my ’78 Continental back in April to give me something fun to tinker with during these times (I’ve nicknamed it the COVID cruiser!). It is not my first older car but it is my first Lincoln. I purchased an entire set of factory service manuals to help me tackle a myriad of small issues that I’ve been able to correct one at a time. Everything works on the car now except for two items: the power door locks (which I’ve successfully diagnosed but haven’t got around to fixing yet) and a feature of the Autolamp system. It turns on and off as expected (regarding ambient light conditions) when the car is turned on and the Auto-dim feature also works. The issue is with the delay-off feature. Aren’t the headlights supposed to stay on for a certain length of time determined by the left-hand flag dial after the car is shut off? I cannot get this to work and I’m stumped. The headlights turn off immediately when the car is turned off, regardless of what position the flag dial on the le ft side of the headlamp switch is placed. Any direction is appreciated.
Thank you!
Greetings Adam –
Yes, you are correct that the lights should remain on for a short period of time when the key is turned to the off position according to the setting on the Headlamp switch control tab. It is great to hear that you have the correct factory manuals. Your Autolamp lighting system operation should be explained along with diagnosis procedures in the electrical section.
Assuming that your Autolamp has not been tampered with and I had to guess I would first suspect that a faulty Amplifier Control Module is causing your issue. Let us know what you find.

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