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1978 Continental Concerns

Greetings Bill,
I currently live in Seattle and drive my Lincoln at least once a day. The engine has 116K actual miles and runs like a champ. In the mornings, or when it is cold the engine fires with one turn of the ignition no problem, starts every time. Upon warming the vehicle up it smokes a slight bit. It isn’t burning off coolant, so I don’t think it’s the head gasket and the smoke doesn’t smell burnt either and typically burns off after a couple of minutes and then nothing.
Also after I drive the vehicle for awhile and the engine is up to temp if I start the engine it takes a while to turn over but only when it’s hot not cold which doesn’t make sense to me. You figure it would be the opposite.
I have a few questions:
1) What do you think is generating the smoke?
2) Why does my engine start better cold then warm?
As always thank you for your help.
Hi Justin –
Your engine condition and tune up situation should be evaluated by a competent technician. Some engines at 116,000 miles are like new, and others may have worn engine parts depending on their previous use and maintenance. Your problems may only be caused by simple maladjusted components or possibly worn engine parts (valve seals, rings etc.). Only a person on scene with your car can determine this. I would approach each problem separately and with the proper manuals at my side.
Good Luck….

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