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1977 Town Coupe New Owner Heater Question

Hi Bill,
I just purchased a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe and was testing the heater core. The heat works however it only blows out under the dash. Is there a way to make it blow out of the vents or is that now possible?
Hi Roark –
That ATC system is an excellent fully automatic control unit. As it is set up it will not blow heat from the a/c vents. The system will switch from a/c vents to floor ducts automatically as necessary. It will however blow heat from the Defrost ducts if the selector is set on Deice or defog. This ATC can be complicated and difficult to repair and understand. If you are performing your own diagnosis and repairs the Factory service manuals and wiring diagrams are a “must have” for you. If you need any manuals, we can arrange this for you. Please call George at our office and he will look after this for you. We wish you good luck with your “new” 77 Lincoln.

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