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1977 Mark V Engine Dies Out

Hello Bill –
I have a 1977 Lincoln Mark V which I have stored in my garage for several years, stopped driving it because all of a sudden the car developed a problem when traveling down the road then its engine would die. I have replaced all the electrical components………….wires, cap, rotor, modular, coil…………not the condenser…..yet I still have the same problem. I will pull off to the side of the road…………..then the engine will start up after a couple of minutes. Then drive a while longer until it once more dies.
What else can I replace in the electrical system that would eliminate this problem? This is NOT a CA car.
Thanks for your advice,
Hi Tom –
The 77 Mark V is usually a reliable car and when these kinds of problems appear it is difficult to find a technician who is well versed in the all areas under the hood. I believe that the key for your repair lies with a correct diagnosis. Your description of a good running engine that suddenly quits and then restarts in that manner could have a fuel or ignition problem. If it is a fuel problem you or your mechanic should suspect a fuel delivery problem to the carburetor and a good place to start is at the fuel pump with a fuel pressure and volume test. Assuming though that you are correct and that the problem is in the ignition system you should be aware that your Mark has a very reliable solid state electronic ignition set up that was considered state of the art in 1977. These systems can and do fail with age and use. The system consists of electronic components that are located inside the distributor and under the hood at the fender apron area. The operation and diagnosis is described in the Shop Manuals.
Again Tom, the key here is to get an accurate diagnosis in your location performed by a good technician to avoid replacing items that do not need to be replaced. If we can help you further with advice or parts please do not hesitate to call on us.

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