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1977 Mark V Engine Dies At Stop Or Slow Speeds

Dear Bill,
I recently bought 1977 Mark V with 9500 original miles on it !!. before I shipped it to Israel (where I live) I took it for tune up, carb rebuilt ,replace all rubber hoses, changed the Freon to R-134 etc’. yesterday I drove it from the port to my home (about 80 Miles) and all was well and smooth until I had to stop or slow for traffic, than the engine dies about 2 minutes after the stop.
Checking in the carb, there was no fuel spray, pulling the fuel hose of the carb and cranking the engine- no fuel coming to the carb. I manually sprayed fuel in to the carb and it started while I’m feeding it manually. After a minute of that the engine continued on its own until the next stop or very slow traffic.
All that happened only when the engine was hot, not at the first few minutes of driving which makes me think it’s a vapor lock.
Unfortunately no one in Israel knows and understand these old cars with big V-8’s and I have to fix it all myself.
If it’s a vapor lock, do you think adding an electric pump on line will solve the problem?
Many thanks,
Ozer –
We experience no problems regarding fuel vapor lock on this era of Lincolns therefore I don’t believe that an electric fuel pump is the answer to your stated problem of poor fuel delivery to the carburetor. An electric pump may alleviate the situation temporarily and only serve to “cover up” another developing failure. Assuming that the carburetor was rebuilt properly and even though the vehicle has only 9500 miles on it I would perform a complete fuel system inspection. This will include careful examination of all of the fuel lines and hoses, the fuel filter at the carb., the fuel tank pick up filter, and the tank itself for debris and proper venting. Because of your remote location to the availability of parts I would not hesitate to have a new fuel pump on hand. If it is not required now for this issue a new pump at the ready may be needed in the future. The correct Maintenance Manuals would be a great help to you and if we can help you further with any required parts or manuals please contact us at any time.

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