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1976 Town Car Question About Starting

Hi Bill,
I have had two separate mechanics tell me, that my carb / choke is fine, although it takes about 6 or 7 cycles to get it started from a cold start. It is only driven once a week. My question is ? should I have to pump the gas, in that many cycles to get it started ?
Hi Michael –
Those 76 Town Cars sure are nice vehicles, especially when everything is working as designed. For your starting problem, have your mechanic observe the choke plate while cranking the engine “cold”. The choke should not open at all while cranking cold. If it does, it could be set too lean. Next the choke should be opened by hand and the accelerator should be operated while the engine is off and cold. The fuel spray should be observed for abundance. If the spray is weak, the accelerator pump in the carburetor could be weak and/or the fuel pump pressure is weak.
If the car has been sitting around and not driven very often you can expect some fuel delivery problems between the fuel tank and the carburetor. If all is well you should not need to pump the accelerator more than a few times. The above is based on your information above and assuming that all of your tune up electricals etc. are in good order. good luck with the diagnosis and we will have any of the items that you may need for that 76.
Bill –
Thanks for the tip, my mechanic discovered a fuel filter leak and that seems to have helped tremendously with the cranking.

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