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1976 Mark IV Radio Removal

Hi Bill 🙂 hoping you can help my Dad and I in removing the radio on my Lincoln. We have removed the cover for the instrument panel and can not figure out how to remove the simulated wood plate that the knob posts come through. The FM does not work and we want to replace it with another stock unit. I don’t have a shop manual for it, I know it’s probably a simple step I can’t figure out. Can u please help? 🙂 Thank you so much!!!
Hi Michael –
Very nice choice of Lincoln to have and drive. I have one also with 32000 miles on it. That woodgrain mask may not need to be removed to service the radio. The radio removal procedure begins on page 35-01-06 in the factory service manual. If you are going be keeping the car and doing your own repairs, the correct set of manuals is an absolute must in order to save time and money. We may be able to send you a copy of the radio removal procedure from our files. A copy of the complete manuals is available from Lincoln Land when you are ready. Good luck with your “new” Mark !

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