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1976 Mark IV Power Seats

Hi Bill –
Thank you for any help you can provide. I am going to purchase this beautiful, 1 owner, garage kept car….I love it and it is immaculate. The only thing is..BOTH the power seats don’t work! (I am 6’4″ and my wife is 5’0″) Any clues as to what it could be? Have you heard of this before? Again…any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!
Hello Bill –
You haven’t purchased the vehicle as yet so you are unable to provide much information except that the power seats do not work. The only way to determine why they do not work is by testing the electrical circuits to the seat motors. I could send you a list of parts that are possibilities but the list would be too long and expensive for you to purchase the parts on speculation alone. If this 76 Mark IV is a real nice car and you are paying a high dollar for it why not have the seller make some sort of an allowance in cash for the repair or agree to have it repaired for you.
Some possibilities as to why they are not operating could be….disconnected electrical at the seats, mechanism seized in place due to years of non use, fatigued and broken door jamb wiring etc. So as you can see Bill, some diagnosis must be performed at your end in order to come close to an accurate answer for these issues.

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