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1975 Mark IV Wire Repair

Bill –
Good afternoon, I was checking the electric choke wire for the carb (someone had cut it off) so I pulled the tape off all the wires in that area. I found that the ground wire from the alternator to splice S-202 (according to my wiring diagrams), which splits the alt wire into four, had been broken very close to the splice. Naturally, someone had to skip doing it right and just twisted a new piece in as well as they could, which wasn’t much. Needless to say, there isn’t much left to connect to. My question is, where may I find a S-202 (shaped like a cylinder) or is there some other proper fix? Couldn’t find anything specific on Google. Thank you.
Jim –
Repairs such as you describe are usually simply improvised on scene by an automotive electrical technician with the proper use of a solder gun, solder, heat shrink if needed and then followed up with a professional wrap with electrical tape. These materials are available at local electrical suppliers along with any appropriate sleeve connectors etc. that are needed. FoMoCo never offered any repair instructions for any specific splices unless that splice or any other connectors became a common problem and required redesigning.

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