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1973 Mark won’t shut off – the Wife is going to kill me…

Bill –
I just got my Lincoln and drove it home, it sat for 6 months in the cold it was -25C. I had to jump start it cause the battery died. When I got it home I heard a weird click when I shut it off. Didn’t think much of it until I started it again 5 minutes later and it wouldn’t shut off. Everything had power, gauges, lights and engine. I pulled the key cylinder out and still had power everywhere that I connected the battery, so it’s not that like I thought. Any inside to this will be a big help my wife is very mad at me.
Hello Jeremy –
Based on your information I would begin by inspecting the ignition switch. It is mounted on the lower steering column and operated by a rod from your key cylinder assembly. You may need to remove some lower column shrouding for access. With the engine running and the key in the OFF position you can carefully try unplugging that ignition switch to find out if the engine then turns off. If it does turn off, the switch could be faulty or somehow disconnected or out of adjustment. If your Mark has ignition points, the starter solenoid could be faulty and is sending power to the system with the key in the off position. We should have parts for this if needed.

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