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1973 Mark IV Stalling On Hills

Hi Bill,
My 1973 Lincoln Mark IV sometimes stalls on hills. It will start right back up when on level ground. I have an electric fuel pump now, because I have gone thru 3 mechanical pumps. But I still have the problem. It can sometimes drive up hill, but struggles to start when facing up hill. No problems going downhill. Any assistance and ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hello Ray –
From your description your issue sure sounds like a fuel starvation problem. The only thing that can change on an incline is the fuel in the carburetor bowl or the fuel tank. A hill should not affect the ignition therefore I would investigate the fuel tank and carburetor for starters. One scenario could be that the fuel pick up assembly in the tank could be corroded and can only draw in fuel when the tank is quite full. Was the fuel tank fuel pick up ever inspected? Filling the fuel tank and driving uphill would be the easiest fuel test. If it does not stall driving uphill with a full tank, keep driving then car as you normally do until the engine begins to stall again and then add only a gallon or two of fuel to find out if it is fine again. If it is fine again you will need to inspect the fuel “sending unit ” and pick up tube. At the same time the fuel hoses and lines could be inspected also. I am assuming that your fuel pump (after three or four of them) and the fuel filter are both ok. If the fuel system is ok at that point and the engine still stalls with a full tank of gas then the carburetor floats could be set too low and shutting off the fuel inlet valves too soon thus causing the carburetor to starve for fuel when driving up hill. By the way, how did the heater core work out for that you purchased from us in 2010?

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